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Plug-in Proxy For Moters

This charm is designed to be used with your altar setup. It provides an access point to the Moters participating in the active Reading Circle -- much the same way as a photograph will provide an access point to the voyager.

The efficacy of these charms is based upon the magical law "The model of the thing is the thing itself." These charms, freely available on this page, are quite functional.

Below are three sizes. You may print this page then cut out whichever size suits. Or, click on an image to open in a blank window to print without the extra clutter. Or, right-click on the image and select "Save As" to download the image and photoshop it into whatever size you like.

If you'd like to have a handmade personalized version of this charm, let us know. We will get one to you as soon as possible. There is a modest fee for these beautifully constructed charms. If you are interested in one of the hand-made charms. You can try us at (530) 271-2239 or (800) 869-0658.