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Reading In Reading Circle

Reading as a part of a Reading Circle requires a few changes in how you do your readings.

  • You must coordinate your time to match that of the day's Reading Circle. By time we mean actual time, not clock time. It is not okay to read whenever it is convenient. If you cannot read at the appointed time, then please do not sign-up to read for that Reading Circle. You cannot "make it up" by reading later. This is to be done at the same actual time.
  • You will need to add two elements to your reading altar. These are the Reading Circle Charm and the Plug-in Proxy For Moters Charm. We provide working versions of these you can download and print from the internet (links below) or you may purchase hand-made charms for use on your altar.
  • We have provided the proper wording to use when doing a Reading Circle type of reading. The procedure for doing a reading in the Reading Circle is slightly different from your standard procedure. If you visit the Reading Circle Invocation Page you will find the changes in wording. This is the wording to use. Please let us know if you have any questions. We will work those out with you. Do not just change the wording to suit.

If you have any questions please let us know. Below you will find links to the required charms and modified language.

Reading Circle Invocation

Reading Circle Charm

Plug-in Proxy For Moters

Please do not make website links to these pages. It is okay to bookmark the pages. Just do not create links on webpages. These instructions are not meant to be available to the internet as a whole. We don't want someone stumbling across these pages through an idle google search.