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Step 9, Close the reading space

  • When the Reading is complete declare: "This completes the reading of (insert name of Reading such as 'Clear Light') addressed to the being(s) of (insert name of individual here)"
  • Ring the bell three times.
  • Turn the stick incense upside-down in the bowl of rice to snuff it out.
  • Gently snuff the candle flame.
  • Wrap the photograph and the person's name in a piece of aluminum foil to be put away until the next Reading.
  • Clear the altar items.
  • Declare quietly: "I wish for the results of this reading to be used for the benefit of all beings everywhere."

Clearing the items from the altar should be performed with the same deliberate, careful attentiveness as used in laying out the items during the initial setup of the altar.

Some folks find it helpful to act as-if they are on a stage or being observed by a gallery of interested parties.