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Step 4, Prepare the reading space. Set up your altar table

A candle should be placed in the center of the table toward the back, leaving room for you to rest the book on the table. Place the photograph (if you have one) and the name on a slip of paper in front of the candle. Place the small bowl with rice to the right. Lay the stick incense to the right of the bowl of rice. Place the small bowl of water to the left of the candle. The small dish can be placed to the left and slightly in front of the water. This is where the burnt match will be placed. Place the box of matches in this dish. Each of the items on the altar are used to help create a reading space conducive to assist your focus on the Reading.

If any particular item is missing, not to worry. Your intention to read is the most important element. There are no absolute rights or wrongs in setting up the reading space. Obsessing over a perfect altar setup is more of a distraction to your Reading than any missing element could ever be.