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Step 3, Assemble the few materials you will need for the Reading

  1. Name (full) of the individual for whom you are reading. (You may also wish to write birth date, time, and location of passing on the same slip of paper.)
  2. The American Book of the Dead Book (ABD)
  3. Picture of the individual for whom you are reading.
  4. Candle
  5. Stick incense
  6. Matches (box of wooden safety matches preferred)
  7. Bell
  8. Small bowl of water
  9. Small bowl of grain such as rice or barley.
  10. Small empty dish (this will be used for the used match)

Everything other than the name of the individual and the text to be read (ABD) are optional. It is far better to do a Reading, even with limited altar items, than to wait until some unknown future eventuality when you might have all the proper equipment.

The birth date and time/location of passing are simply used to help establish contact with the voyager (individual for whom the Reading is being done). These pieces of information are not required. We just find they help in strengthening the connection.